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Veggie D comes in capsule form and features an all-natural, vegetable source of vitamin D2 from shiitake and button mushrooms. This whole-food delivery of vitamin D combines lycopene-rich tomatoes and twelve other vegetables for a savory whole food. The benefits of a unique, whole-food, vegan-sourced vitamin D2 greatly outweigh a common vitamin D3 that is derived from sheep’s wool.

  • Unique, wholefood, vegan sourced vitamin D Beta-glucan, chitin-glucan for cholesterol reduction and immunity
  • Glucosamine for joints and wound healing
  • Chitosan for weight loss plus other mineral and flavonoids
  • Supports bone health and is complimentary to CalciAIM™
  • Provides 126 percent of Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamin D
  • AIM Veggie D comes in CAPSULE form only

  • Whole-food source of vitamin D2 and lycopene
  • Each serving contains 500 IU of vitamin D2
  • Each serving contains 3.3 mg of lycopene
  • Can be mixed with all AIM products
  • All ingredients are derived from natural sources
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • AIM-certified gluten-free

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