Why an AIM Business?

An AIM business is the ideal business. AIM offers you the opportunity to provide answers to two of the most pressing needs facing people today: economic stability and good health.

Economic stability

Today, for many people around the world, economic uncertainty reigns. Prices are rising for basic goods such as food and basic services such as water and electricity. At the same time, corporations are downsizing, and many of the newly created jobs do not provide the same benefits—many provide only a salary, and no benefits! People are finding they are working more, for less.

In opposition to the need to work more to earn more is the universal desire for time—time to spend with the family, and time for oneself. There is a great demand for "flextime"—scheduling work hours more in sync with family obligations—and time off, sometimes in lieu of overtime.

This all points to the need for a business that rewards you well for your work and for a business that fits today’s balancing act between work, family time, and personal time. Home-based businesses are one answer.

Home-based businesses are a dynamic and rapidly growing trend across the United States and Canada. Fueled in large measure by dramatic innovations and cost efficiencies in communications technologies—from cellular phones to laptop computers to low-priced fax machines to the Internet—one-person offices are springing up across North America, producing the same professional-looking work as those located in downtown high-rises.

More than 50 million people today are running full-time or part-time home-based businesses in the United States, and growth estimates peg their increase at 10 percent annually. While these businesses run the gamut from consultants to programmers, hundreds of thousands of home-based business owners manage network marketing organizations.

A home-based business lets you control the hours you work; if it is better for you to work nights, fine, or if mornings are ideal, fine. They allow spontaneity, and you are your own boss—if something comes up, there is no chain of command to follow for permission. Finally, many home-based businesses can be lucrative.

An AIM business is a home-based business where you call the shots. You set your own goals, determine your own hours, and design your own plan. Nor can anyone hold you back: your reward at AIM is commensurate with the effort you make. If you are looking for the flexibility, convenience, and rewards of a home-based business, AIM is the answer.

Good health

An AIM business also provides you with the opportunity to address another great concern of North Americans: health and healthcare. There is a new awareness of the importance of health, and this is illustrated in consumer habits: "health food" and supplements are one of the fastest growing segments in the business world. This is because people are getting wiser; people are beginning to realize that they need to take responsibility for their own health, and that living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to stave off potential health problems.

For more than 15 years and in more than 30 countries, AIM has been a leader in providing whole food and nutritional supplements of the highest quality. AIM provides only the finest cellular-focused products, and all products must meet stringent quality standards, a process that includes rigorous research and laboratory testing.

The opportunity to take charge of your own health, and to help others, by using AIM products and introducing them to others provides a solution to the health dilemma of millions worldwide.

Why an AIM business? Because an AIM business is where good health and economic opportunity merge.

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