AIM BarleyLife

AIM BarleyLife™ brings you the juice of young barley plants—in easy-to-use powder form. One serving of this green powerhouse brings you a wide spectrum of natural nutrients in natural proportions, as well as chlorophyll, live enzymes, and unique and powerful plant antioxidants.

For 20 years, AIM distributed the preferred green juice drink to hundreds of thousands throughout the world. Now, AIM gives you AIM BarleyLife™, a new and improved green juice drink, created through 20 years of experience and ambitious research and development.

Now available in 2 sizes: 12.7 oz Family size and 6.3 oz Small

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BarleyLife Xtra™ - New! Great taste

360g Powder

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AIM BarleyLife™ Capsules

280 capsules

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AIM BarleyLife Information™

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